Intermediate Learn Sheets

LS Int01 Holiday.pdf                                                          int01.mp3
LS Int02 Bad travel experiences.pdf                                 int02.mp3
LS Int03 Favourite food.pdf                                               int03.mp3
LS int04 What‘s on TV.pdf                                                 int04.mp3
LS int05 Talking about movies.pdf                                     int05.mp3
LS int06 Movie review.pdf                                                  int06.mp3
LS int07 Entertainment–which do you prefer.pdf               int07.mp3
LS int08 Shopping on Taobao.pdf                                      int08.wma
LS int09 Weibo.pdf                                                             int09.wma
LS Int10 Social Network.pdf                                               int10.wma
LS int11 Giving suggestions.pdf                                         int 11.wma
LS int12 Looking for a roommate.pdf                                  int 12.wma
LS int13 Settling in my new home.pdf                                 int 13.wma
LS int14 Giving instructions to Ayi.pdf                                 int 14.wma
LS int15 Raising the rent.pdf                                               int 15.wma
LS int16 I have been in Boston for over 7 years.pdf           int 16.wma
LS int17 Job skills.pdf
LS int18 Interview.pdf
LS int19 Business meeting.pdf
LS int20 Negotiation strategies.pdf
LS int21 Asking for pay rise.pdf
LS int22 Life in Shanghai.pdf
LS int23 At the police station.pdf
LS int24 Attending wedding.pdf