Advanced Learn Sheets

Adv01 Differences between Sexes.pdf      LS 01.mp3
Adv02 Avoid Embarrassment.pdf               LS 02.mp3
Adv03 Chinese Horoscope.pdf                   LS 03.mp3
Adv04 Travel in China.pdf                          LS 04.mp3
Adv05 Wedding Flat.pdf                             LS 05.wma
Adv06 Shopping Online.pdf                        LS 06.wma
Adv07 Chinese Tea.pdf                              LS 07.wma
Adv08 Girl friend.pdf                                   LS 08.wma
Adv09 Food and Expression.pdf                 LS 09.wma
Adv10 Office Politics.pdf                             LS 10.wma
Adv11 Discussing Etiquette.pdf                   LS 11.wma
Adv12 Go to gym.pdf                                   LS 12.wma
Adv13 Paper books and E-books.pdf          LS 13.wma
Adv14 Are you happy.pdf                            LS 14.wma
Adv15 Talking about ads.pdf                       LS 15.wma
Adv16 Group purchase.pdf                          LS 16.wma
Adv17 Tiger mom.pdf                                   LS 17.wma
Adv18 Names of cities in China.pdf             LS 18.wma
Adv19 Chinese proverbs.pdf                        LS 19.wma
Adv20 Chinese conventional sayings.pdf     LS 20.wma
Adv21 Talking about sports.pdf                    LS 21.wma
Adv22 Lotteries.pdf
Adv23 Talking about humor.pdf
Adv24 Protecting our environment.pdf