> I showed up to class and the teacher wasn’t there. What happened?

You might have clicked on the wrong link in the schedule which would have taken you to the wrong classroom. Occasionally we have to cancel classes (sadly, even we get sick sometimes). Check your email to see if the teacher has emailed you.

> How do I use GoToMeeting to take the online class?

Change your audio to “Mic & Speakers”, which is right below the “Attendance list”, after enter the online classroom.

> How do I book a Chinesetown lesson?

Follow the links on the Class Schedules page. Those are updated weekly.

> How do I know which level is right for me?

You could check the learning sheets and see which level is suitable for you. Then take a lesson, and ask the teacher for advice after class. If you have never studied Mandarin before, the Survival level should give you a head start.

> What do I need to take a lesson?

A browser and internet access. Some of our courses require the installation of Skype.

> What are the different types of lessons offered?

We offer group classes with a maximum of eight students.